Pyramid-Full Exhibit-Rt Side-72


Pyramid-Farm 2-72

Pyramid-Farm 3-72

Pyramid-Food import docks-72

Pyramid-Food Wall Map-72

Pyramid-Produce left-72

Pyramid-Produce right-72

Pyramid-Food Pyramid-72

Pyramid-Food Pyramid Game-72


Pyramid-Table-blackboard 2-72


Pyramid-Tired Body-72

Pyramid-Healthy Body-72

Pyramid-Healthy Kitchen 1-72

Pyramid-Healthy Kitchen 2-72

Pyramid-Healthy Kitchen 3-72

Pyramid-Good Health Special 2-72

Pyramid-Good Health Special-72


Design Force, owned by a very talented brother team, came up with the Food Pyramid exhibit. This ten room traveling exhibit was created for the State of Alabama to educate its children about the origins and importance of healthy foods. Design force created the portable structure, and my job was to creat the graphics throughout the exhibit. The state was so happy with the outcome, they sent it out on a second tour.